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  • Liveril Tablets 30's

Liveril Tablets 30's

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Liveril Tablets are useful as an essential adjuvant in long term treatment with hepatotoxic drugs. Liveril Tablets are an ideal choice to reduce Liver toxicity due to alcohol & Drugs and also in mild to moderate Liver disorders.
Liveril tablets contains Calcium pantothenate 10mg,Choline 50mg,coenzyme Q10 2.5 mg,Elemental iron 3mg,Elemental selenium 100 mcg,Elemental zinc 10 mg,Folic acid 1 mg,Inositol 50mg,L-glutamic acid 15 mg,L-ornithine-l-aspartate 50 mg,N-Acetylcysteine 50 mg,Silymarin 35 mg,Vitamin A 2500 IU,Vitamin B1 5 mg,Vitamin B12 20 mcg,Vitamin B2 5 mg,Vitamin B6 5 mg,Vitamin C 75 mg and Vitamin D3 200 IU.
How to use
Two Tablets per day with your main meal.
Swallow with water or a cold drink. Not to be chewed.
Liveril should only be taken on a full stomach.