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  • Hylo Comod Eye Drop 10ml

Hylo Comod Eye Drop 10ml

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HYLO COMOD® lubricating eye drops provide dry eyes with the moisture they need. The eye drops offer effective and reliable lubrication and rehydration of dry and painful eyes. By strengthening the natural tear film, the eyes receive long-term protection against serious damage caused by drying out. Therefore, HYLO COMOD® lubricating eye drops are the optimal solution for dry eye symptoms.
How to use
HYLO COMOD® eye drops can be used with both hard and soft contact lenses. The eye drops can simply be administered while wearing contact lenses and they do not impair vision.
Simply dispense one drop per eye as usual into the lower eyelid then slowly and carefully close your eye to prevent the contact lens being washed out. In order to avoid possible reactions between HYLO® EYE CARE products and contact lens cleaning solution, it is recommended not to administer the drops until 30 minutes after putting in the contact lenses.
HYLO COMOD® should not be used if there is a known hypersensitivity to one of the ingredients (sodium hyaluronate, citrate buffer, sorbitol).