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  • Tofen 1mg Tablets 100's

Tofen 1mg Tablets 100's

Composition; Ketotifen Fumarate 1 mg. Ketotifen is indicated in the prophylactic treatment of bronchial asthma, symptomatic treatment of allergic conditions including rhinitis and conjunctivitis.
How to use
Adults: 1 mg twice daily with food. If necessary the dose may be increased to 2 mg twice daily in severe cases.
Children above 2 years: 1 mg twice daily with food. Patient’s known to be easily sedated should begin treatment with 0.5 to 1 mg at night for the first few days or as directed by the physician.
Use in elderly: Same as adult dose or as advised by the physician.
Although there is no evidence of any teratogenic effect, Ketotifen in pregnancy and lactation is not recommended. A reversible fall in the platelet count has been observed in a few patients receiving Ketotifen concomitantly with oral antidiabetic agent and it has been suggested that this combination should therefore be avoided.