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  • Metrogyl Vaginal Gel 30g

Metrogyl Vaginal Gel 30g

Metrogyl gel belongs to a group of medicines called antibacterials. These work by killing many kinds of bacteria that cause infections. Metrogyl gel is used to treat an infection of the vagina (called bacterial vaginosis or BV for short) in adults. Metrogyl gel is applied inside the vagina where it destroys the bacteria at the site of the infection. It is important that bacterial vaginosis is treated and cleared completely otherwise the infection can come back. You must take the full course of this medicine as prescribed by your doctor to prevent this from happening.
How to use
Adult dose: •The dose of Metrogyl gel is one 5 g application inserted into the vagina once daily, at bedtime, for five consecutive days.
Do not use Metrogyl gel if:
•You are allergic to any similar nitroimidazole antibacterials.
•You are allergic to metronidazole or any of the other ingredients of this medicine.
•You are allergic to parabens (a preservative agent).