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  • Pulse Oximeter Fingertip.
  • Pulse Oximeter Fingertip.
  • Pulse Oximeter Fingertip.

Pulse Oximeter Fingertip.

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The fingertip pulse oximeter is a device of small dimensions that features low power consumption is non invasive and easy-to-use. It is as simple as putting your finger in the device and in a few seconds it will read data through a light-sensitive sensor probe, then the associated reading will be displayed on the screen.
Machine Size:60mm*32mm*33mm
Machine Weight: 37g
Batteries:2 AAA 1.5V
Power consumption:Smaller than 30mA(Normal)
Operating Temperature:5°C-40°C
Storage Temperature:-10°C-40°C
Hemoglobin saturation display:
Measuring range:35-100;
Normal value:94-100
Pulse rate display:
Measuring range:30-250
Normal value:50-130
Hemoglobin saturation:1%
Pulse rate:1BPM
Measure Accuracy:
Hemoglobin saturation:2%(70%-100%)
Pulse rate:2BPM
Carton Size:340mm*320mm*210mm
Carton Weight:5kg
How to use
1.Open the clamp and insert a finger into the oximeter. Then gently release the clamp.
2.Press the power button, the display will light up and after a few seconds, the device will display SpO2% and pulse rate measuring values.
1.Keep your tested hand still during the measurement.
2.Do not pour or spray liquids onto the oximeter, and do not allow any liquid to enter any openings in the device.
3.Make the oximeter dry thoroughly before reusing.
4.The oximeter will shut down after a period of time if no measurement is being taken.
5.Clean the rubber touching the finger probe inside of the pulse oximeter with a soft cloth dampened with 70% isopropyl alcohol, and clean the test finger probe using alcohol before and after each measurement.