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Bonium Tablets 30's

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Bonium Tablet is used as nutritional supplement consisting of calcium and vitamin D3. It is used in treatment of Osteoporosis and Rickets. The Key Ingredients include: Calcium Citrate, Vitamin D (calcitriol), Zinc and Magnesium. Calcium increases bone strength and keep bones strong and healthy. It is an essential body mineral and prevents bones from breaking easily. Cholecalciferol is used for hypocalcaemia. It helps in proper absorption and use of calcium and phosphate in the body. It works by helping the body to use more of the Calcium found in foods and supplements. Zinc is an essential trace element. It helps with hormone production, growth and repair, proper functioning of the immune and digestive system. Magnesium is important for proper functioning of nerves, muscles, cells, heart and bones and is prescribed as a supplement for different bone diseases
How to use
Take Bonium Tablet as directed by the physician.
A dietary nutritional supplement not for medicinal use. Do not exceed the recommended dose