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  • Abidec Multi Vitamin Drops 25ml

Abidec Multi Vitamin Drops 25ml

Abidec Multivitamin Syrup with Omega 3 is a delicious way of delivering essential vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids to children to support healthy growth and help maintain healthy brain function.Between the age of 1 and 5 children have specific vitamin needs to help maintain their general good health and well being. Vitamins can play an important role in supporting healthy growth. Vitamins can be used up or lost quickly, therefore it is vital that children receive the essential vitamins from the diet on a daily basis.
How to use
Give Abidec Multivitamin Drops as a daily dose using the syringe provided. For children under the age of 1 year: give 0.3 ml (higher mark on syringe) on the back of the tongue. For children aged 1-12 years: give 0.6 ml (lower mark on syringe) on the back of the tongue. These doses are used even if your child has liver or kidney problems. Wash and dry the syringe thoroughly after use (not in a steam steriliser). When completely dry, use the syringe to seal the bottle again.
Do not use this medicine if: - your child is allergic to peanut or soya, because Abidec Multivitamin Drops contain arachis oil (peanut oil). -your child is having other vitamin supplements. -your baby is receiving more than 500 ml of formula milk per day. This is to avoid exceeding the safe upper limit of Vitamin A. -your child is allergic to any of the ingredients.