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  • Threptin Lite 275g
  • Threptin Lite 275g
  • Threptin Lite 275g

Threptin Lite 275g

Threptin Lite is a high protein supplement used as nutritional supplement for the calorie conscious and cardiac/diabetic patients who are not able to consume sufficient quantity of proteins due to dietary restrictions.
How to use
For better utilization of protein, Thereptin lite should preferably be taken twice or thrice daily, 3-5 units ata a time.
Hunger Appeasing; Three to five units of threptin lite taken at 11a.m or 4 p.m. will relieve in-between-meals hunger.
Not recommended for children.
Replace the lid tightly after each use.
After opening, use the contents within three weeks or best before, whichever is easier.