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  • Kojee Coffee Sachets 6's

Kojee Coffee Sachets 6's

Kojee coffee is the natural coffee for men’s power enhancement and sexual desire booster, help them to improve their performance in the bedroom.
Uses of Kojee Coffee:
Being a natural energizer and testerone booster.
Contributing in spermatogenesis, development of secondary male sexual characteristics and other metabolic functions.
Contributing in hypertrophy.
Increasing power output.
Kojee Coffee is made of a right balance of premium coffee without artificial flavouring, non-diary creamer blended with extracts of herbs made of Eurycoma Longifolia, Ange GinengGinseng, Radix Angelicae Sinensis from Polynesia.
How to use
To make a drink of KOJEE COFFEE, add one bag of KOJEE to 100ml of hot water, stir it to dissolve the powder, and enjoy your drink; benefits follow in less than an hour. Use a coffee bag per day for twelve consecutive days. After the twelve introductory days regimen use one bag every two or three days for long term effect.
Kojee may not be suitable for persons with severe heart problem and severe high blood pressure.