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  • Dexipan Cream 20g

Dexipan Cream 20g

Dexipan Cream contains dexpanthenol which is a well-tolerated topical preparation that protects the skin and promotes wound healing.
It is specially indicated in the treatment of:
• Nappy rash, reddening of the skin and cutaneous inflammation.
• All types of wounds, including minor skin lesions, burns, fissures, abrasions, chafed skin, ulcers (including leg ulcers), and skin irritations such as those due to sunburn, X-ray, or sun- lamp treatment.
• Sore nipples due to lactation.
How to use
For the treatment of nappy rash, apply Dexipan after change of diaper. Clean the affected area and dry it well before applying Dexipan. To prevent nappy rash, it is advised to apply Dexipan after every diaper change.
For the treatment of wounds, irritations and cutaneous inflammations, apply a film of Dexipan cream over the affected area(s) once or several times daily as required.
For the prevention and treatment of sore nipples, apply the cream after each feed. Clean the nipples and areola before applying Dexipan, and cover thereafter with appropriate compresses. Clean again before feeding.