Test Strips

    Test Strips

    Testing strips on MYDAWA

    Test strips are an important component in blood sugar or glucose testing for diabetes and glaucoma patients as well as urine testing for pregnancy. These test strips for diagnostic tests are usually disposable plastic tabs that are single-use.

    Diabetes test strips

    It is common for people with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes to continuously test their blood sugar levels at home. Most of the glucose or blood sugar testing devices and machines require that you by the disposable test strips for use with the device. This is to reduce contamination and associated infections that may arise especially when the glucose testing device is shared.

    Urine test strips

    Urine test strips are usually used in the diagnosis of pregnancy. Some pregnancy care test kits require that you buy these disposable test kits that are to be inserted into a urine sample.

    Buy blood sugar or glucose test strips and urine test strips on MYDAWA

    At MYDAWA, we have clinically tested blood test strips and associated devices as well as urine test strips that are disposable, we discretely deliver you the test strips you need to homes, offices and chemists near you. Order blood sugar test strips online on MYDAWA today.

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