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  • Nealgyl 80mg Tablets 10's

Nealgyl 80mg Tablets 10's

Nealgyl 80 mg is a non-atropine antispasmodic. Therapeutic indications: -Treatment of acute spasmodic and painful manifestations of the urinary tract. -Symptomatic treatment of pain related to functional disorders of the digestive tract and bile ducts. -Symptomatic treatment of painful spasmodic manifestations in gynecology. -Adjuvant treatment of contractions during pregnancy in association with rest.
How to use
Adult: 160 mg to be taken at the time of the crisis, to be renewed in the event of significant spasms. Child: 80 mg 2 times per 24 hours
Contraindications: -Allergy to any of the components. -In association with major analgesics such as morphine.