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  • Anustat Ointment 15g
  • Anustat Ointment 15g
  • Anustat Ointment 15g

Anustat Ointment 15g

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Anustat is a pale yellow coloured homogenous ointment containing Cinchocaine HydrochlorideBP, Hydrocortisone BP, Neomycin SulphateUSP, Esculin Sesquihydrate Ger. P. It provides an excellent combination of anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antipruritic action of corticosteroid, antibacterial action of locally effective antibiotic Neomycin, local anaesthetic action of Cinchocaine and skin protectiveaction of Esculin.
How to use
Dosage and Administration: A small quantity of the ointment should be applied with finger in the painful pruritic area in the morning and evening and after each stool. For deep application nozzle should be attached to the tube and inserted to full extent and should be squeezed gently from the lower end while withdrawing.
Contraindication: Sensitivity to any one of the constituents of Anustat.
Precautions: Like most of the steroids under certain circumstances hydrocortisone may be absorbed in sufficient amount to produce systemic effects. So, long term use should be avoided. Adrenal suppression may occur even without occlusion. When used for prolonged period striae may occur. Skin sensatisation may occur due to Neomycin. Absorption of the antibiotic from wound or inflamed skin may occur and this may affect the hearing irreversibly. Hence, Anustat should not be given to extensively damaged skin