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  • Xyloprocot Supp 10's

Xyloprocot Supp 10's

Each gram of rectal ointment contains lidocaine 50 mg, hydrocortisone acetate 2.5 mg, aluminium subacetate 35 mg and zinc oxide 180 mg. It also contains the following as excipients: Stearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, macrogol, purified water.
Each suppository contains lidocaine 60 mg, hydrocortisone acetate 5 mg, aluminium subacetate 50 mg and zinc oxide 400 mg. It also contains the following as excipient: Hard fat.
Lidocaine HCl, hydrocortisone acetate, aluminium subacetate, zinc oxide.
Treatment of pain, itching and discomfort arising from irritated anorectal tissues eg, hemorrhoids, pruritus ani, proctitis, milder forms of anal fissures, postoperative pain relief.
Xyloproct suppositories should be used in preference to ointment for the treatment of proctitis or internal haemorrhoids.
How to use
The rectal ointment is applied in and around the rectum ≥1 times daily in a thin layer using an applicator. Up to 6 g/day of rectal ointment may be applied. The treatment period can vary between 10 days and 3 weeks. If an extension of the treatment period is intended, a treatment-free interval is recommended.