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  • Nebilet 5mg Tablets 28's

Nebilet 5mg Tablets 28's

Nebilet 5 mg Tablets contain Nebivolol.It prevents increased heart rate and controls heart pumping strength. It also exerts a dilating action on blood vessels which contributes as well to lower blood pressure.
How to use
The usual dose is 1 tablet per day. The dose should be taken preferably at the same time of the day.
Elderly patients and patients with a kidney disorder will usually start with ½ (half) tablet daily.
The therapeutic effect on blood pressure becomes evident after 1-2 weeks of treatment. Occasionally, the optimal effect is reached only after 4 weeks.
Do not take Nebilet:
-If you are allergic to nebivolol or any of the other ingredients of this medicine.
-If you have low blood pressure.
-If you have very slow heartbeat (less than 60 beats per minute).
-If you have a liver function disorder.
-Nebilet should not be used during pregnancy unless under clear instructions from a doctor.
-It is not recommended for use while breast-feeding.