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  • Imuran 50mg Tablets 100's

Imuran 50mg Tablets 100's

Imuran tablets contain the active substance azathioprine. They belong to a group of medicines called immunosuppressives. This means that they reduce the strength of your immune system. Imuran Tablets may be used to help your body accept an organ transplant, such as a new kidney, heart or liver, or to treat some diseases where your immune system is reacting against your own body (autoimmune diseases).
How to use
Always take this medicine exactly as your doctor or pharmacist has told you. Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure. The quantity of Imuran Tablets taken may vary from patient to patient and will be prescribed by your doctor. The dose depends on the condition for which you are being treated. You can take Imuran Tablets with food or on an empty stomach but the choice of method should be consistent from day to day. Some patients feel nausea (sick) when first given Imuran Tablets, this may be relieved by taking the tablets after food.
Do not take Imuran Tablets:• if you are allergic to azathioprine or any of the other ingredients of this medicine.• if you are allergic to mercaptopurine (a medicine which is similar to azathioprine the active substance contained in Imuran Tablets .