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  • Digoxin 125mcg Tablets 28's

Digoxin 125mcg Tablets 28's

Digoxin belongs to a group of medicines called cardiac glycosides, these slow down the rate of the heart but increase the force with which the heart muscle contracts, making the heart work more
efficiently. Digoxin tablets are used to treat:
• heart failure.
• irregular heart beats or heart rhythm.
How to use
The usual doses are:
Adults and children over 10 years: initial dose is either between 750 micrograms and 1500 micrograms as a single dose or 250 micrograms and 750 micrograms once a day for 7 days depending on how quickly your doctor wants you to start the tablets. This is then followed by a maintenance dose, which is usually 125 micrograms to 250 micrograms daily.
Children under 10 years: initial dose is between 25 and 45 micrograms per kg of body weight over a 24 hour period (this will depend on the child’s age).
Depending on the child’s response the doctor will decide upon the best maintenance dose. Elderly or patients with kidney, thyroid or bowel disorders:different doses will be given depending on the condition.
Do not take Digoxin tablets if you:• are allergic (hypersensitive) to Digoxin tablets, other related medicines such as digitoxin, or any of the ingredients in the tablet. An allergic reaction may include a rash, itching, difficulty breathing or swelling of the face, lips, throat or tongue. If this is the first time your doctor has prescribed this medicine for you, tell them if you have taken any cardiac glycoside (such as digoxin, digitoxin) within the last two weeks.
• have any serious heart problems such as inflammation of the heart, enlargement of the heart muscle, problems in conduction of the electrical impulses in the heart or irregular heart beats including Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. Although digoxin is used to treat serious heart problems, it may make others worse.