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  • Opsite Spray 100ml

Opsite Spray 100ml

OPSITE Spray is a moisture vapour permeable spray dressing indicated for use in a variety of minor dry wounds, in particular: minor cuts, abrasions and burns, over dry sutured wounds, sealing of drainage tubes and external orthopaedic fixation, such as Steinmann pins, after suture removal, over vaccination sites, over intact blisters and skin graft fixation. Latex Free.
How to use
Invert and spray site evenly from a distance of at least 15cm.
For best results use a number of thin applications of the spray.
Avoid inhaling.
Use in a well ventilated area.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Do not spray on a naked flame or any incandescent material.
Do not apply on children under the age of 18 month