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  • Predsol Forte 15mg/5ml Syrup 60ml

Predsol Forte 15mg/5ml Syrup 60ml

Predsol forte syrup contains prednisolone.Each 5 ml syrup contains: Prednisolone sodium phosphate 20.1 mg.(equivalent to 15 mg prednisolone base).
It is used for conditions such as Bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, serum sickness, drug hypersensitivity reactions.
How to use
Dosages of the products must be individualized and are variable depending on the nature and severity of the disease, and on patient’s response.lftherapy is continuous for more than 2 weeks, withdrawal must be gradual.
Adults: 5 – 60 mg/ day as a single dose or in 3 or 4 divided doses.
Children: 0.14 – 2 mg/kg/day, given in 3 or 4 divided doses and should be administered with meals.
Contraindicated in :
Peptic ulcer.
Patients suffering from infectious diseases specially tuberculosis should take an effective antituberculous.
In patients with systemic fungal infections.
Cerebral malaria.
Vaccination by live or attenuated vaccines.
Should be avoided during pregnancy unless under a doctors approval.
Breastfeeding should be avoided during use.