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  • Tegretol 200mg Tablets 50's

Tegretol 200mg Tablets 50's

Carbamazepine, the active ingredient in Tegretol Tablets, can affect the body in several different ways. It is an anti-convulsant medicine (prevents fits), it can also modify some types of pain and can control mood disorders. Tegretol is used: •To treat some forms of epilepsy•To treat a painful condition of the face called trigeminal neuralgia. •To help control serious mood disorders when some other medicines don’t work.
How to use
To treat epilepsy the usual doses are: Adults: 800-1,200 mg a day, although higher doses may be necessary. If you are elderly you might require a lower dose. Children: Aged 5-10 years: 400-600 mg a day. Aged 10-15 years: 600-1,000 mg a day. Tegretol Tablets are not recommended for children under 5. To treat trigeminal neuralgia the usual dose is: 600-800 mg a day. The maximum dose is 1200 mg a day. If you are elderly you might require a lower dose.To treat mood swings the usual dose is: 400-600 mg a day.
Pregnancy and breastfeeding: You must discuss your epilepsy treatment with your doctor well before you become pregnant. If you do get pregnant while you’re taking Tegretol Tablets you must tell the doctor straightaway. It is important that your epilepsy remains well controlled, but, as with other anti-epilepsy treatments, there is a risk of harm to the foetus. Make sure you are very clear about the risks and the benefits of taking Tegretol Tablets.