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  • Olfen 50mg Lactab 20's

Olfen 50mg Lactab 20's

Olfen 50 mg Tablet contains Diclofenac Sodium. It is used for Back pain, Sprains and strains, Rheumatoid arthritis, Soft tissue sports injuries, Dental and minor surgery, Tendonitis, Frozen shoulder, Dislocations and fractures, Acute gout, Osteoarthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Bone and joint surgery and other conditions.It works by reducing inflammation and pain.
How to use
The common dose is one tablet of Olfen 50 mg twice daily with meals not exceeding 150 mg in a day.Always take Olfen 50 mg as prescribed by your doctor.
Olfen 50 mg is contraindicated if there is hypersensitivity to diclofenac, in the third trimester pregnancy, Active stomach and/or duodenal ulceration or gastrointestinal bleeding and in severe liver/kidney disease.