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  • Prezista 600mg Tablets 60's

Prezista 600mg Tablets 60's

PREZISTA contains the active substance darunavir. PREZISTA is an antiretroviral medicine used in the treatment of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection. It belongs to a group of medicines called protease inhibitors. PREZISTA works by reducing the amount of HIV in your body. This will improve your immune system and reduces the risk of developing illnesses linked to HIV infection. PREZISTA is used to treat adults and children of 3 years of age and above, and at least 15 kilogram body weight who are infected by HIV and who have already used other antiretroviral medicines. PREZISTA must be taken in combination with a low dose of ritonavir and other anti-HIV medicines. Your doctor will discuss with you which combination of medicines is best for you.
How to use
Dose for adults who have not taken antiretroviral medicines before (your doctor will determine this): You will require a different dose of PREZISTA which cannot be administered with these 600 milligram tablets. Other strengths of PREZISTA are available. Dose for adults who have taken antiretroviral medicines before (your doctor will determine this): The dose is either: -600 milligram PREZISTA together with 100 milligram ritonavir twice daily. OR-800 milligram PREZISTA (2 tablets containing 400 milligram of PREZISTA or 1 tablet containing 800 milligram of PREZISTA) together with 100 milligram ritonavir once daily. PREZISTA 400 milligram and 800 milligram tablets are only to be used to construct the once daily 800 milligram regimen
Do not take PREZISTA: -if you are allergic to darunavir or any of the other ingredients of this medicine or to ritonavir.-if you have severe liver problems. Ask your doctor if you are unsure about the severity of your liver disease. Some additional tests might be necessary.