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  • Norvir 100mg Tablets 60's

Norvir 100mg Tablets 60's

Norvir contains the active substance ritonavir. Norvir is a protease inhibitor used to control HIV infection. Norvir is used in combination with other anti-HIV medicines (antiretrovirals) to control your HIV infection. Your doctor will discuss with you the best combination of medicines for you. Norvir is used by children 2 years of age or older, adolescents and adults who are infected with HIV, the virus which causes AIDS.
How to use
Recommended doses of Norvir are: -if Norvir is used to boost the effects of certain other anti-HIV medicines the typical dose for adults is 1 to 2 tablets once or twice daily. -if your doctor prescribes a full dose, adults may be started on a dose of 3 tablets in the morning and 3 tablets 12 hours later, gradually increasing over a period of up to 14 days to the full dose of 6 tablets twice daily (totaling 1,200 mg per day). Children (2–12 years of age) will start with a dose smaller than this and continue up to the maximum allowed for their size.
Do not take Norvir:-if you are allergic to ritonavir or any of the other ingredients of Norvir. -if you have severe liver disease.