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  • Momate Cream 15g

Momate Cream 15g

Momate Cream contains mometasone which is a steroid used to prevent and treat internal and external swelling associated with conditions like asthma, hay fever, nasal polyps and severe skin allergies.
It decreases inflammation by inhibiting the migration of leukocytes and reducing the permeability of capillaries.
How to use
Wash your hands before and after using momate topical, unless you are using the medicine on your hands.
Apply a small amount to the affected area and rub it gently into the skin. Do not apply mometasone topical over a large area of skin.
Momate is not recommended for use by pregnant women or during breastfeeding unless absolutely necessary and the potential benefits outweigh the risks involved. Consult your doctor and discuss the risks before using this medicine.