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  • Debridace Ointment 15g

Debridace Ointment 15g

Debridace Ointment is used to remove dead tissue and thinning the pus in lesions such as ulcers, burns,bed sores, surgical wounds, cysts, and carbuncles. Debridace ointment contains papain and urea. Papain-urea ointment is a debriding agent. It works by helping the breakdown of dead skin and pus, which helps improve the recovery time of open wounds.
How to use
Directions for use: Before each use of ointment, clean the affected area with saline or another mild wound cleansing solution. Do not use hydrogen peroxide. Apply ointment directly to the lesion, cover with appropriate dressing (e.g, bandages), and secure into place. Wash the lesion each time the dressing is changed. If irritation occurs, consult a physician. For external use only.
Use under medical supervision.