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  • Fucicort Cream 15g

Fucicort Cream 15g

Fucicort® contains two different types of medicine. One medicine is called fusidic acid. It is a type of antibiotic. The other medicine is called betamethasone valerate. It is a type of corticosteroid (steroid). These two medicines work at the same time in different ways. Fucicort® works by: -The antibiotic killing germs (bacteria) that cause infections. -The corticosteroid reducing any swelling, redness or itchiness of your skin. Fucicort® is used to treat: Conditions where the skin is inflamed(eczema or dermatitis) and also infected by germs (bacteria).
How to use
Adults and children: Your doctor should tell you the dose that is right for you or your child. If your doctor has told you the amount of cream to use then keep to this advice. If not, the following guide will help you to use the correct amount. You can use your first (index) finger to measure how much Fucicort® to use. Squeeze the cream along your finger from the tip to the first joint.
Do not use Fucicort® if: -You are allergic (hypersensitive) to fusidic acid, betamethasone valerate or any of the other ingredients in your medicine. You have a skin condition called acne rosacea. This is redness and inflammation over your nose and cheeks. Ask your doctor if you are unsure. You have a skin condition called perioral dermatitis. This is a red spotty rash around your mouth or chin.