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  • Erostin 10mg Tablets 10's
  • Erostin 10mg Tablets 10's

Erostin 10mg Tablets 10's

Erostin 10 mg Tablets belong to a group of medicines called antihistamines. It is used in the treatment of various allergic conditions. It relieves symptoms like itching, swelling and rashes.
How to use
Adults and children older than 12 years: 1 tablet (10 mg) once daily. Children from 6-11 years old: ½ tablet (5 mg) once daily. The solution form can also be used. Children from 2-5 years old: For this age group, the use of the solution form is recommended. There is no need for dose adjustment in patients with liver function disorders. Erostin tablets are scored in order to allow breaking and administration of the 5 mg dose.
This drug must not be administered to children under 2 years old. Erostin is unsafe to use in pregnancy and breast feeding women.