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  • Veet Cream Dry Skin 50g
  • Veet Cream Dry Skin 50g
  • Veet Cream Dry Skin 50g

Veet Cream Dry Skin 50g

Experience silky smooth skin and delightful scent with New Veet Hair Removal Cream that is formulated for dry skin. Veet cream works close to the root of the hair, giving you superior, long-lasting smoothness'. The dry skin formula is developed with Shea Butter, famous for its moisturizing properties, and it is scented with Lily fragrance, leaving you with smooth, silky-soft, nourished & moisturized skin.
It works in just in just 3-6 minutes*, removing short-stubborn hair from legs, arms, underarms and bikini line. Veet hair removal cream is clinically proven to leave your skin moisturized for up to 24 hours*
New fragrance has no lingering malodor
Retain this products' outer pack as a reference for all precautions and directions before use. Do not exceed 6 minutes total application time. Suitable for use on the legs, arms, underarms & bikini line. It is NOT SUITABLE for use on the head, face, eyes, nose, ears, around the anus, genitals and nipples or any other body parts. Do not use on varicose veins, scars, moles, spotty, broken, irritated, sunburnt skin or on skin that has had an adverse reaction to hair removal creams in the past. Always have 72 hours between the hair removal sessions. Check with your doctor before using if you are on any medication which can affect the skin, if you suffer from any skin related disorder, or if you have a condition which may affect the skin. Before every use, TEST YOUR SKIN REACTION by applying and removing the product to a small part of the area you wish to treat, following the directions for use. If after 24 HOURS there is no adverse reaction, continue to use. If you experience any smarting/tingling during use, remove the product immediately and rinse thoroughly with cold water. If a burning sensation persists, seek medical advice. Skin may be more sensitive for a short time after use, so avoid scratching. After use we recommend waiting 24 hours before using anti-perspirant, any other perfumed product, using artificial tanning equipment, swimming or sunbathing. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. In case of ingestion, seek medical advice immediately and show outer pack. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.