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  • Rexedine Mouthwash 100ml
  • Rexedine Mouthwash 100ml
  • Rexedine Mouthwash 100ml

Rexedine Mouthwash 100ml

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Rexedine mouthwash;
For the treatment of infected, inflammatory conditions of the mouth and pharynx including stomatitis, gingivitis, aphthous ulcers, pharyngitis, tonsilitis, monilial infections, common colds and influenza.
As a prophylactic during and after surgery e.g. After tonsillectomy and dental procedures.
Routine use to promote oral hygiene.
Povidone Iodine B.P 1% w/v
How to use
With false teeth, braces etc, the material from which they are made can sometimes become discoloured. It is therefore recommended to remove false teeth, braces etc.from the mouth before using Rexe-Dine Mouthwash/ gargle.
Use undiluted or diluted with an equal volume of warm water.
For prophylactic use, the solution should be allowed to act in the mouth for a minimum of 30 seconds.
With existing lesions the mouth should be rinsed with the solution for 2 minutes, several times a day (especially after meals).
When using Rexe-Dine Mouthwash/ gargle in small children, care should be taken to ensure that it is used strictly in accordance with the instructions (the solution must not be swallowed).
If there is no improvement of the symptoms after several days (2-5 days) regular use of the product, consult a doctor.