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  • Pharmasal Spray 150ml
  • Pharmasal Spray 150ml

Pharmasal Spray 150ml

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Pharmasal spray is fast acting analgesic and anti-inflammatory spray to relieve muscular and joints pains.
For the relief of pain in muscles, tendons, joints or bones, lower back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, stiffness, sprains and strains
Each canister of 150ml contains following active ingredients:
2-Hydroxyethyl salicylate- 5.0%
Ethly Salicylate- 6.4%
Methyl Nicotinate- 1.6%
Methyl Salicylate- 7.0%
How to use
Spray at the affected area 2 to 3 times daily till the condition gets better or as directed by the physician.
Wash hands after use. Do not apply on broken skin, eyes, nose and lips. Keep out of the reach of children.