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  • Novophane anti-hair loss lotion 100ml

Novophane anti-hair loss lotion 100ml

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Novophane anti-hair loss lotion is recommended for occasional hair loss in both men and women that may occur due to stress, fatigue, season changes, pregnancy and pollution. It visibly reduces
the rate of hair loss and stimulates regrowth, giving visible results as early as 6 weeks*.
Novophane stimulates scalp micro-circulation thanks to vitamin PP and regulates sebum production thanks to biotin, vitamin B6 and grapefruit and orange essential oils.  Hair rapidly regains its strength, vigor and volume.
Novophane is easy to apply with a pump bottle and can be used on dry or wet hair and requires no rinsing. It is designed for both women and men, offers excellent skin tolerance, does not irritate the scalp and has a light texture. It gives visible results either alone or in combination with Novophane capsules.
How to use
Spray 6 times onto dry or wet hair once per day for the next 3 months. No rinsing is required.