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  • Nebzmart Nebulization Care Kit

Nebzmart Nebulization Care Kit

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Nebzmart Nebulization care kit from Glenmark contains the main unit,medication cup,USB cable,Adult mask,child mask,quick start guide and a mouth piece.
The nebulizer helps in treatment of conditions such as; Asthma, Bronchitis, Bronchiolitis, Croup and Cystic fibrosis.
There are 4 easy operation steps for Nebzmart:
1.Set up medication cup by aligning to main unit with a gentle push.
2.Fill the medication cup with nebulization solution.
3.Connect mask to the mouth piece.
4.Press start button to start inhalation.
Do not remove the medication cup without pressing the release button.
Do not store or place the main unit in a wet place as this may damage electric circuit due to water infiltration.
Do not rinse the entire unit under water.Only rinse the medication cup and this should be done when it is open.
Do not use sharp objects or brush to clean the mesh.Only use the recommended cleaning procedure.
Do not keep the medication cup in dusty environments.
Do not use poor quality batteries.
Do not use poor quality or high voltage adaptors with the device.
Do not use tap water or mineral water for device demonstration. "Saline" water should be used during demonstrations.