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  • Marini Coconut Butter 200gms

Marini Coconut Butter 200gms

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MARINI NATURALS 100% PURE COCONUT OIL WITH CARAMEL EXTRACT 200GMS The Marini Naturals 100% Pure Coconut Oil with Caramel extract! It does wonders for your skin and hair. Restores skin’s natural glow and keeps it soft & moisturized all day. Excellent as your natural daily sealant and styler! EXCELLENT FOR ALL! All skin types. All hair types. Women. Men. Kids. Dreadlocks. Transitioners. Relaxed, Colored & Chemically Treated Hair.
INGREDIENTS:​100% Pure Unrefined Coconut Oil. Pure Caramel Extract. African Love!
How to use
DIRECTIONS OF USE: HAIR: Soften and detangle hair thoroughly with either our “Goodbye Tangles!” 3 in 1 Leave-In Detangler or “Cute Kids No Tears” Super Detangler! Alternatively, spritz hair lightly with our “Miracle Mist” Daily Spritz to soften and dampen it. Part hair in sections depending on volume and length. Apply a dime-size amount of Marini Naturals 100% Pure Coconut Butter on each section and working through from root to tip until you are satisfied that all hair has got the product. Style in any way as desired, e.g. wash-and-go, twisting, braiding, curling, setting etc. If twist-outs or braid-outs, take down when butter is fully absorbed into hair.

SKIN: Apply Marini Naturals 100% Pure Coconut Butter gently on your face and body as you would your usual, daily moisturizer. Safe to use everyday on entire body.