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  • KF94 Face Masks 25's
  • KF94 Face Masks 25's
  • KF94 Face Masks 25's

KF94 Face Masks 25's

KF 94 Face mask;
4-layered, highly effective filter for protection from air pollution and fine dust
3-dimensional structure increasing breathing space
Adjustable nose clip Providing non-slip wear and reducing heat and moisture accumulation
Elastic ear loops making itself comfortable to wear
How to use
Place mask over nose and mouth
Place each cord around your ears
Adjust the nose clip for the best fit
Pull the edge of the mask up and down to ensure there is a tight fit
Do not place any cover under the mask.
When damaged, soiled or polluted inside, stop the use and dispose.
Do not wash.
Do not give any variation to the mask.
Do not touch the outer surface once you wear.
If you are having problems breathing using the mask, talk to doctors and experts before further use.
Do not use In a clinical setting where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high.
Do not use in presence of high intensity heat source of flammable gas.