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  • Cinnabar E-Cream 50ml

Cinnabar E-Cream 50ml

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Cinnabar Face Cream is a rich facial cream to fight a night- or day-time battle against the ageing process.Cinnabar Essential Oils are 100% pure and natural, grown, harvested and steam distilled in the herb gardens at the base of Mt Kenya. The lavender is a restorative for all skin types with anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and anti-wrinkle properties, and is said to offer protection against sunburn. The blend of german and roman chamomile oils balances the detoxifying effects of the lavender for sensitive skin and brings additional antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Natural Vitamin E. Helps maintain the cellular structure, natural moisture and elasticity of the face,   improves micro-circulation and has been observed to aid in dermal anti-inflammatory action. It is a natural antioxidant and aids in preventing damage caused by UV radiations.
The virgin beeswax is a natural antibacterial, antifungal & anti-inflammatory that moisturises the skin by reducing transepidermal water loss. Shea butter provides natural UV protection, boosts collagen production and has anti-ageing as well as skin smoothing and strengthening benefits. The macadamia, papaya and avocado oils provide complimentary fatty acids with a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids that nourish the skin.  The papaya seed oil complements the oils with high vitamin content- especially vitamin C- and adds a gentle exfoliating effect on the skin due to its natural proteolytic enzymes.
How to use
First cleanse your face using either Cinnabar cream cleanser, exfoliant or add a face mask into your cleansing routine. Tone and then apply the Cinnabar face cream with the tips of your fingers using a gentle circular motion, focusing on the areas you think need most attention. Avoid the eyes. Use within 12 months, and store in a cool place, below 30°C