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  • Cinnabar Bath Salt 200gm
  • Cinnabar Bath Salt 200gm
  • Cinnabar Bath Salt 200gm

Cinnabar Bath Salt 200gm

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The Essential Oil Blend. The lavender is a blend of the Kenyan and UK varieties, giving it a unique signature with benefits from both worlds. Its fragrance works against depression, headache, hypertension, migraines, nervous tension and vertigo. Lavender’s relaxing effect is reinforced by the petitgrain, which is an excellent guard against nervous exhaustion and insomnia. Together, lavender and petitgrain are antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, with specific action against dermatitis, spores, abscesses and even bruises.
Epsom and Himalayan Salts. These are naturally occurring rock salts, with practically acclaimed detoxifying effects. The Himalayan salt is extracted from the Himalayas and is believed to have been formed millions of years ago. Together, they consist of more than 99% of our bath salts and contribute about 12 grams of magnesium and 15 grams of sodium. These rock ions develop positive charges that are attracted to the skin’s surface at a neutral pH during bathing. The attraction allows for detoxification of the upper skin layer accompanied by mild exfoliation to remove the dead cells.
Tips for Use: Pour a generous handful into your running bath. Allow the salts to dissolve. Lie back and relax. Store undiluted with water or other salts, away from heat and direct light at room temperature. Use within 24 months.
This is a natural, handmade bath salt with no added colourants and preservatives.  It has not been tested on any animals and is ecofriendly.