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  • Care Infinite Bedpads 60cmX90cm 10's
  • Care Infinite Bedpads 60cmX90cm 10's
  • Care Infinite Bedpads 60cmX90cm 10's

Care Infinite Bedpads 60cmX90cm 10's

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Care Infinite Disposable Bed Pads
• Bedpads are absorbent sheets used to protect surfaces, mattresses and wheelchairs against damage caused due to incontinence.
• Bedpads can also restrict bacterial growth and eliminate odor.
• Adult Bedpads are usually disposable and are constructed of absorbent fluff material and polymer. These are tucked at the corners of a mattresses just like a regular bed sheet.
• Bedpads are made up of a soft material which doesn’t irritate the skin and wicks moisture away from the body.
• Bedpads are available with various levels of absorbency. The thickness of the Bedpad generally increases with absorbing capacity of the Bedpad.
• There are various sizes of Bedpads available and can be bought according to where the Bedpad has to be laid. The most common sizes are 60cm x 90cm and 60cm x 60cm.
  Protecting Furniture – Often used on beds, cribs, on wheelchairs, sofas and other furniture to protect against damage or stains from bodily fluids or other spills. Good for use during home births. After surgery, giving birth, or during illness they can keep surfaces clean.
ü  Baby Care –They can be used in cribs, playpens, changing tables, or other places a baby may spend time. A bedpad can be used as a changing pad, providing a clean place to change a child anywhere, anytime. Additionally, they can be used in the lap while holding a child or on the shoulder as a burping cloth or spit up cloth. They may also be used under a high chair for easy clean up after your child eats. Helps in potty training.
ü  Pet Care – Can provide a clean surface during whelping or other animal birth, and an alternative to newspaper for a kennel or pen for young puppies. Useful for house training puppies and a good option for sick pets. Makes travel with pets easier, too.