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  • Camellia Compression Stocking Open Toe CA-6004 M

Camellia Compression Stocking Open Toe CA-6004 M

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Camellia Medical Compression Stocking;
Adopted by high grade Tactel microfiber, provides comfortable touching and moisture regulation to the skin
Tactel fiber contains excellent characteristic of absorbing perspiration, which is 3 times faster in drying speed than natural fiber & 5 times than cotton.
Low-profile, stylish and standard thickness daily care hosiery.
Your best choice to be your leg-care partner to help relax fatigued, aching legs and venous disease.
70% Nylon
30% Spandex
Please wear compression stocking after consulting your doctor
If you experience rashes, hives or itching, please discontinue use and consult a physician.
Please be careful with sharp fingernails and rings to avoid damaging the fine fabric of stocking.
Do not iron
Do not dry clean