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  • Actifed Wet Cough And Cold Syrup 100ml

Actifed Wet Cough And Cold Syrup 100ml

Actifed wet cough and cold Syrup contains Guaiphenesin, Pseudoephedrine and Tripolidine.It works by thinning the mucus in the air passages causing narrowing of the blood vessels and reducing swelling in the nasal passages.
Actifed wet cough and cold Syrup is used in the treatment of cough, congestion, commoncold, bronchitis, breathing illnesses, cold, allergies, high fever, sinus congestion and pressure, respiratory allergies, runny nose, itching, watery eyes, sneezing, itching of the nose or throat and nasal congestion.
How to use
Take 10ml every four to six hours, up to four times a day. Do not take more than four doses in 24 hours. Consult your doctor if your cough lasts for more than seven days, gets worse, comes back, or is accompanied by a fever, rash, or persistent headache.
Actifed wet cough and cold should not be used while pregnant because it contains Pseudoephedrine which has blood vessel constricting effects that could restrict blood supply to the placenta. Consult your doctor before taking this medication.