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  • Velvex Adult Diapers Xtra Large

Velvex Adult Diapers Xtra Large

Velvex Conforta premium adult diapers are specifically designed to offer optimal and reliable protection for people of all ages who find it difficult to control their bowel movement and hence have difficulties in controlling the passing of urine or having a long call - be it due to sicknesses, accidents, disabilities, age catching up or some other reason. The unique design and structure of the brief provides quick absorption of liquids, ensuring maximum dryness while keeping your skin damp-free. The built in odour neutralising feature ensures prolonged use with confidence. The extra soft surface lining will provide you with the comfort you deserve and the adjustable tapes will ensure a secure and long lasting fit.
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• Adjustable Wait Size from 111cm to 160cm.                                                      • Adjustable tapes can be repositioned for a better fit.         • Extra soft surface lining for greater comfort and protection.                                                                                     • Super absorbent technology helps to reduce odour and lock in liquid,giving greater security against leakage.         
• Double anti-leakage elastic barrier.                                    •ODOUR Neutraliser .The super absorbent gel used in these briefs prevents formation of unpleasant odours, the development of bacteria is slowed down and the pH of the briefs remains neutral. Consequently, redness and irritation risk is significantly reduced.