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  • USN Bluelab Plant Protein Vanilla Cinnamon 775g

USN Bluelab Plant Protein Vanilla Cinnamon 775g

USN Bluelab Plant Protein is a vegan-friendly high protein formulation made with Smooth Protein™ and Clean Cream™. It contains 20 g of protein and 4 g BCAA from pumpkin & watermelon seed protein and pea protein concentrate to enhance lean muscle recovery. It is free from sugar, dairy, gluten, soya and artificial flavouring & colourants

Increased lean muscle mass
Enhanced muscle recovery
Vegan & vegetarian friendly
Protein: Smooth Protein™ (pumpkin & watermelon seed protein, pea protein concentrate) aids in muscle fiber formation and repair of damaged muscle.
Clean Cream™: High oleic sunflower oil creamer for delicious, dairy-like texture.
BCAA: Assists with protein synthesis, muscle recovery and formation of new muscle tissue.
Potassium: Responsible for regulating total body water and stabilizing controlled and automatic muscle contractions.
Iron: Increases oxygen transport in the blood to the tissue.
Selenium: Acts as a powerful antioxidant and boosts immune system.