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  • Crescina HFSC 100% 1300  Woman 20 AMPS

Crescina HFSC 100% 1300 Woman 20 AMPS

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Crescina HFSC 100% 1300 Woman is useful in cases of advanced stages of hair thinning.
It is a dermato-cosmetic treatment for topical use. It contains the patented Crescina Re-Growth core, which helps stimulate physiological hair growth. Some of the patented active ingredients (cysteine, lysine, glycoprotein and Stem-Engine) are introduced in specific transporters that allow their gradual and continuous release in the scalp. The proper functioning of the stem cells in the hair follicle is essential for the growth of new hairs. Recommended in cases of hair loss due to physiological, not pathological. It does not act on completely atrophied follicles.
How to use
Each ampoule of 100% HCSC Crescina contains 3.5 ml of the preparation and is suitable for daily use 5 days a week, followed by a break of 2 days (for example, the first 5 days of the week). Each box of 10 ampoules is for a two-week cure. Each box of 20 ampoules is for a one-month cure (which can be repeated several times a year).
A cure of at least 2 months is recommended.