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  • Fillerina Grade 1 Dermo/Cosmetic Filler Treatment
  • Fillerina Grade 1 Dermo/Cosmetic Filler Treatment

Fillerina Grade 1 Dermo/Cosmetic Filler Treatment

Fillerina Dermo-cosmetic replenishing gel for at-home. It is a topical cosmetic product to be used for a minimum of 14 days. The key action is performed by Fillerina Gel which is applied using a special applicator with a truncated tip on wrinkles and expression lines and on specific areas that require more volume (cheekbones, lips). Boosted with a powerful blend of hyaluronic acids, this at-home skin care treatment fills in fine lines and wrinkles, revealing a more radiant complexion.
It contains:
14 doses (2 ml) of Filler Gel
14 doses (2 ml) of Nourishing Film
2 precision applicators
Fillerina Grade 2: Is for visible age wrinkles and expression lines, marked, uneven microrelief, areas with visible sagging, especially cheekbones and lips.
How to use
Fillerina Replenishing Treatment with the replenishing gel and nourishing film must be used every day for 14 days, applying 2 ml of Replenishing Gel (the plumper) (Fillerina 1) to the wrinkles, on the most marked microrelief and the areas that require particular plumping up (cheekbones, lips).
The application must be carried out using the special Precision Applicator (Applicator1) displayed at the top of this page, which makes it possible to draw up the product and to release it accurately into the desired areas. The Replenishing Gel plumper should be left to work for 10 minutes in order to allow the active principles to plump up the application areas. After 10 minutes, gently tap the remaining product with your fingers to complete the application. Next apply the Nourishing Film (Fillerina 2), which provides a sufficient amount of moisturizing and nourishing substances, and allows the Replenishing Gel application to be completed with maximum comfort for the skin of the face and neck. Draw up between 1 and 2 ml of the Film, as required, and apply it all over the face and neck. The Nourishing Film is thicker than the Replenishing Gel, and requires patience during extraction.

After the application of the Nourishing Film with (Applicator2), rinse both applicators in lukewarm water to avoid any buildup of product. Then finish by closing the bottles using the cap found inside the box. Do not lay the bottle back into the box as it may cause spillage. Drink 2 glasses of water 30 minutes before application.